What You Need to Start Selling on Poshmark


Happy Wednesday friends! Many people have expressed an interest in learning more about selling on Poshmark in our Facebook Group Clear the Clutter for Christmas Cash. I’ve been mostly reselling and occasionally buying on Poshmark for the past few years. I’m going to answer the FAQs I’ve received in a series of posts. If you have a question, please feel free to drop a comment or message me.

The number one question I’ve received is:

What do I need to start selling on Poshmark?

1. Printer – paper or labels

2. Shipping supplies – order from USPS free priority mail TYVEC mailer envelopes, you can also get free Priority boxes or pick them up at your post office. Any box or mailer will work, if you are using envelopes are boxes from USPS make sure they are priority.

3. I use quite a bit of bubble wrap and tissue paper, I get these at the Dollar Tree.

4. Optional, I write a handwritten thank you on a card for each sale. I think this helps with positive ratings.

5. Clear packing tape

7. Brown craft/postal paper – for random boxes and packages

8. Scissors – for packaging, but also to trim any tiny threads from items I’m listing.

9. Fabric Shaver to gentle remove any piling or nubbies as I like to call them.

10. Tape measure to give accurate measurements of items.

11. Steamer or iron to freshen up clothing before listing. Click here for the steamer I use.  I’ve had it for years and love it!

12. Lint roller

13. Backdrop – a blanket, dress form, blank wall, wrapping paper or even your floor will work.

14. Download the app and set up your closet. You can also access your account from a computer. You can use my referral code STYLEMETHRIFTED to get a $10 credit when you open an account. (Disclaimer, I also get a $10 credit when a person uses my code.)

If I’ve left something off, please share! In my next installment I’ll share what to list and how to list items!

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