My New Year’s Goals

Cheers to the end of the most eventful decade of my life and here’s to a new decade of bigger goals, better experiences, more happiness, and stronger relationships. I’m not the new year, new me type. I think it’s essential to always be ourselves, while constantly working on being the best version of who we are.

I’ve definitely evolved over the last 10 years. I became a mom, was in a traumatic car accident which led me to hot yoga and blogging, struggled with secondary infertility and several losses before my rainbow baby was born, became a thrifter out of necessity, celebrated many milestones with family and friends, got my passport stamped a few times, lost my beloved dog Roger, sold our first home and moved into our current home, and became debt free by following Dave Ramsey’s baby steps.

There was a lot of life in the last 10 years. Most days weren’t that glamorous or Instagram worthy, but most days were good. I have a family and wonderful friends that love and support me, including many of you who have been here with me from the beginning of this little blog. I appreciate all of you and am grateful for each and every one of you. I am excited for a new chapter. I have much more to share about budgeting and saving and being a working mom.

I recently sat down with my notebook and reflected on this year, writing down my action plan for 2020. For each action I included a measurable goal/date and frequency that each action will occur-daily, weekly or monthly.

I’m extremely happy with my 2019 action plan which included some big changes personally and financially. I made my well being a priority and made sure I worked out 3x’s a week at my local hot yoga and pilates studio, Uplift. But I also listened to my body and gave myself permission to rest when I needed to. I also maintained 16/8 intermittent fasting. I’m not a health expert, but the combination of these two and being consistent has helped me end 2019 10+ lbs lighter than I began the year.

Financially, the Mr and I finally got serious and are almost done with Dave Ramsey’s baby step 3! We are debt free, other than our mortgage and will have our 3-6 month emergency fund fully funded by my birthday, March 1! In July I started a FB group, Clear the Clutter for Christmas Cash and I’m happy to say, we 100% cash flowed Christmas for the first time I can remember!

We have mapped out baby steps 4-6 and will be maxing out our retirement contributions this spring, upping our children’s monthly college fund contributions by $50/child/month and will have our mortgage paid off by 2030 or sooner!

In this crazy world of social media, it’s easy to get distracted from your goals. Discipline, determination, and consistency are the keys to success. Don’t compare yourself to internet strangers. Compare yourself to who you were a year ago or 5-10 years ago. Make a plan, set a budget and stick to it, your future self will thank you.

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