Ready, Set Resell!

Happy New Year friends! What makes you do a happy dance? I can say, without a doubt all things budget related make me do a happy dance!

I’m by no means a financial expert, but I absolutely love reading, listening, and talking about budgeting and saving money. It’s a conversation that most don’t want to engage in, but I’m willing to delve into this taboo topic with all of you.

Budgeting isn’t a punishment, being on a budget doesn’t mean you are poor, it doesn’t mean you can’t shop, travel or go out. Being on a budget means you are intentional, disciplined, and organized with your money. It is extremely empowering to take control of your finances, make a plan, adjust accordingly (there’s a lot of trial and error when creating a budget), pay off debt, and invest in your future and the organizations and causes you’re passionate about.

One way I have created more income is by selling items from my home and thrift finds on Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace. I use this extra money for extras- gifts, eating out, shopping, without impacting my monthly budget or I put the money into my savings. I started a FB group in July – Clear the Clutter for Christmas Cash with the goal of having a debt free, cash flowed Christmas and I did it! I want to continue this group and have the focus be all things budget related – shopping, home, food, finances etc. I created this reselling tracker to help me see my goals and progress. Feel free to use. I posted my January goals in the Facebook group.

I need your help renaming the group. Please comment with your idea for a group name – I will Venmo the winner $10 and announce the winner by January 5, 2020. Please let me know if there is something specific you’d like me to share about. I’m working on my weekly grocery list and meal plan. I’m hoping to share it by Friday. Whatever your goals are, you can do it!

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