How to Quickly Sell Your Items on Poshmark

Hello friends!  This is one of the questions I get asked the most in my Facebook group Clutter is Ca$h.  I can’t guarantee that these tips will bring you a fast sale, but I suggest you give them a try.

  1. Share your closet everyday, preferably multiple times.  Here’s why you need to share all of your items in your closet at least once a day; when someone is searching for an item on Poshmark, let’s say J.Crew size medium tops, the newest listed or shared items will be at the top of their search results.  If you listed an item a few days, weeks, or months ago that fits the search criteria, your item will be at the very bottom of the search, with potentially 1,000’s of similar items above it.
  2. Join Posh Parties.IMG_5303

    You’ve probably noticed in your notifications “invites” from pm_editor to posh parties.  These are a great way to grow your network on Poshmark.  Join the party and start sharing other posher’s items to the party or to your followers.  You want to do this for a couple of reasons.  First, most users will then “thank you” by sharing your items.  This expands your audience and potential for sales and new follows.  Also, by sharing other people’s items, you get one step closer to becoming a Poshmark Ambassador. Click here to read why you want to become a Poshmark Ambassador.

  3. Connect your account to your social media accounts. IMG_5304Go into your sharing settings and link your Pinterest, Twitter, tumblr, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and turn on search visibility.  Each time you post a new listing, then share your item to your social media accounts.  I will be honest, I tend to only share my items to Pinterest.  I think turning on search visibility really helps potential buyers find your items, because most people will go to google if they are looking for something specific.
  4. Offer a bundle discount to shoppers.IMG_5305 Go into your seller tools in your closet profile and click “My Seller Discounts”.  I have this set on my profile and I have this in my item description for each listing.  There is something about the psychology of  “getting a good deal” that draws people to Poshmark and I think bundle discounts help.
  5. Make offers to likers and accept offers.4F18EA45-67BD-4342-A35C-FD1C02BEC123Go to your news and click on “likes” on the horizontal menu at the top of your screen.  You can then see all the items in your closet that have recently been liked.  Click on each item and then send an offer to the likers.  The offer must be at least 10% off and you much offer a shipping discount of $1.80 or free shipping, which you pay for out of your earnings.  Potential buyers will make offers on your items.  I tend to accept all reasonable or fairly reasonable offers.  Sometimes we get emotional about the items we listed and think about how much they were when we bought them.  You have to let this go, this mindset will not help you make sales.  Your items are not making you any money sitting in your closet, not being used.  That being said, people will make “low ball” offers that are ridiculous, often less than 50% of what your listing price is.  I will often counter offer with a 20% discount or if the offer is just downright crazy like $10 for a $100 item, I will decline the offer.
  6. Include as much information as possible in your listing.  Make sure your photos are clear, the lighting is good, try to include any photos of wear or imperfections.  You have the option to use 8 photos per listing. When possible, do a quick google image or Pinterest search and find a “stock photo” from the retailer to use as your “Covershot”.  Below are a few of my listings with stock photos.IMG_5309 Your listing details should include a description, disclose any signs of wear, measurements when applicable.  I include my shipping policy, that I have a smoke free home, bundle discount and that I accept offers.IMG_5311 Your title and listing details matter. What you put in your title and details determines if your listing will show up in searches.  Include brand name, style, size, what the item is made of, and color.
  7. Answer questions promptly.  I would recommend turning on notifications for Poshmark.  I’ve found when I quickly answer questions it brings a sale.  If you get comments on your items asking for you to email people to make a sale, do not do it! These are scammers and it is against Poshmark policies.  You can report their comment by clicking on the little flag next to the comment.IMG_5312
  8. Price you items competitively.  Search for the same or similar items on Poshmark.  What are other sellers listing their items for?  I’ve found it’s clear when I listed an item too low, it will sell sometimes within minutes of listing.  It’s better to start a little high and then you can make offers to likers and then you both feel good about the transaction.  The buyer thinks they are getting a deal and you are satisfied with your earnings.
  9. Drop prices. If an item isn’t selling in my closet, I will often drop the price 10-30%.  Everyone who has liked your item will then receive a notification of the price drop.  Poshmark shoppers are very savvy and will often wait for price drops or shipping discounts before they make a purchase.
  10. Keep adding items to your closet.  Listing items is time consuming, but by adding more items to your closet, you increase your chances of making a sale or better yet a bundle sale.

My next post will be about what to do once your item has sold.  I shared a little teaser in my Facebook group Clutter is Ca$h.  If you are considering selling on Poshmark read this post for what you need to start selling on Poshmark.  What are your tips and tricks for selling on Poshmark?  I’d love to hear from you!



2 thoughts on “How to Quickly Sell Your Items on Poshmark

  1. Thanks for these tips! Putting them to use right now! 😊

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad they were helpful!

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